Terms of Service


July 2019 Update: As of now, we will no longer be completing an official quote for people only seeking a price. Due to the number of quotes we receive per opening, we often do not get to commissioners only seeking a price and often miss those who intend on commissioning that opening. Please consult our Price Calculator page for a rough savings goal for your character, or send us a message on social media and we can give you an at-a-glance estimate.

    • Quotes are strictly an estimate of the final cost of your commission; there is no contract attached to filling one out, nor does it confirm your acceptance into the queue.
    •  Priority will be placed on commissioners interested in applying for the queue. Should you only be searching for a price and do not receive an answer to your quote sheet, please bear with us as we may have put priority elsewhere or workload has prevented us from answering.
    • Commissioners who intend on applying for the queue should expect a response within the week. Commissioners who only seek a price should expect a response after a week’s time.
    • Your quote is valid for 30 days; should you not confirm your acceptance of the price and interest of applying for the queue, the quote will be void and you will need to fill the quote sheet again.
  • Please be sure that everything is filled out accordingly and as thoroughly as possible!


**For 2020, strict deadlines will be minimally accepted due to multiple attempts to hit deadlines too strenuous for our unpredictable schedule. Our main worker is currently a student in art college in an Animation major, so schooling workload at times can be unknowingly heavy and tough to work commissions around. Therefore, deadlines during the schooling months (between September and May) cannot be guaranteed and chances to work will vary across each semester.

Loose deadlines will be accepted. It is recommended to apply at least a half a year in advanced of your deadline or apply for a late summer deadline for the best chance of your commission to be delivered before your desired date.

    • Deadlines are not necessary. If you are not particular on a completion date, you do not need to give one.
    • Please allow for at least two (2) month’s time from when you request a quote to when you would like your commission completed. This allows for plenty of time in between shipping, material receival, and construction of your product.
    • Priority will be placed on commissions with deadlines if they can pay in full upfront. It is recommended to have full payment if you have a strict deadline!
    • If you have a strict deadline but cannot pay in full upfront, we cannot guarantee completion by the deadline. It is recommended to have the payment plan completed 6 weeks (for partials and heads) or 8 weeks (for fullsuits) ahead of time if you want your deadline met.
    • July 2019 Update: The latest we can accept payments is 4 weeks before your deadline; any later and your deadline cannot be guaranteed and may not even be started in time. If you insist on a deadline, please keep timing in mind.
  • Please bear with us on any delays that might occur and affect your completion date. Outside of extreme circumstances related to health, school, or family, these delays should not affect any agreed-upon deadline without notification in advanced. Keep an eye on social media for any presented delays and their reasoning’s!


    • JustADragon Creations currently accepts PayPal, Google Wallet, and checking as forms of payment. Please note PayPal users that your price will include an extra fee to make up for transfer fees.
    • It is recommended to have $780-850 if you commission for a head, $100-200 for parts, $300 for furring and refurbishing a non-JustADragon suit, $1,000-1,070 for a partial (head, handpaws, feetpaws, and tail), and around $2,500-2,900 for a fullsuit reserved before you consider applying for the queue. This is the estimated maximum amounts as of right now, however they can get higher based on complexity.
    • Should your commission be accepted into the queue, a non-refundable 30% or an otherwise defined amount (for material cost) will need to be paid for upfront. This is to ensure your place in the queue and to allow preparations for your commission to come through.
    • Should you need to back out, this defined material cost amount is the only part completely non-refundable. All other costs can be negotiated depending on reasoning for backing out and current progress on the commission.
    • Once 1-2 weeks pass and materials have arrived, you may pay in full should you have full payment.
    • If you do not have full payment, negotiation for payment plans can be done. However, it will be required to pay 30% upfront, 50% of the remaining cost upon base completion within a 3-month span, and the final full cost upon completion and approval within another 3-month span.
    • Should you not make due payments in time without an excuse of absence beforehand and with no response to prompting, your commission may be dropped with no refunds and the product refurbished and sold.
  • Priority will be placed on suits who can pay in full. People on payment plans may be bumped back on the queue to make room for those who can pay in full. Please be patient if this occurs to you!


Character Design

    • Custom characters require a 2-3 view reference of the design you request to be made. While we will accept artworks or existing suits as a reference, a full-color, fullbody reference would be preferred. The full front, back, face, tongue and teeth, and underside of hands and feet as well as any distinct markings must be visible. Reference art can be in toony or realistic style; as long as markings and colors are accurate.
    • Artistic Liberty requests do not require any form of reference. A design will be come up with based on commissioner requests, such as species, theme, or favorite color/color combo. The design will then be shown and approved by the commissioner before commission start unless requested otherwise.
  • All premade designs or designs created by Just A Dragon Creations have character rights that are shared by both commissioner and Just A Dragon Creations. This implies that you are free to do what you wish with the design with no restrictions, however any attempts to make a profit off the character through selling the design or applying them to any profit-making deal must be discussed with Just A Dragon Creations. In most cases, a percentage of the deal must be split between the commissioner and JustADragon Creations. (Note: this policy does NOT apply to the suit itself. If you wish to sell the suit with adjustments, no profit is necessary to return.)


    • Should there be specific materials you would like me to use for any reason, it is your responsibility to let us know through contact. Please be sure to provide the fabric brand name, where it was bought, and any other information needed to locate the fabric. If the materials cannot be found, please bear with us as alternatives are used instead.
  • Not all desired fur colors can be located; apologies in advance if we must use alternate colors to achieve a similar look to your design.

Work in Progress

    • We try to take WIP photos at every “milestone” in the process of the product’s making, however bear with us if we fail to take any photos at certain stages. This can be due to lack of time, as we try to complete each product within a week’s time.
    • Please be available for each “milestone” for greenlighting purposes. Any delay in responding may either result in alterations of completion dates and/or inaccuracies. We want to make sure your commission is to your liking, and the quicker we receive responses the better!
  • Unless otherwise requested by the commissioner, all WIP photos will be posted onto social media. All major work on the commission will be sent to the commissioner first!


    • If you are a United State resident, your commission will be weighed and boxed within the week of completion and approval. Your commission will be sent through the United States Postal Service with a tracking number.
    • If you are outside of the states and need international shipping, your commission will be weighed and boxed, however will not be shipped right away. Negotiations will need to be made for shipping, and a proper international shipping company will need to be located.
    • July 2019 Update: Shipping costs will be added to your commission, however it will only cover ground shipping. In the circumstance that you need to cover for faster or more expensive shipping, we will be asking you to cover the difference. We already add a $30 shipping fee for heads, $50 for partials, and $70 for fullsuits. Any extra will be refunded.
    • Shipping costs will not be added to the cost right away, as shipping cost will vary based on completion date, weight of final product, location, and other defined factors. It is recommended to reserve $30-50 for U.S. shipping, $70-90 or more for international shipping.
    • Shipping or delivery for repairs, adjustments, and fixes wanting to be made after the warranty expires will be at the cost of the commissioner.
  • JustADragon Creations is not responsible for any shipping damages or losses. We suggest covering shipping insurance to ensure cost make-up for any damages. We humbly apologize should these events happen.


    • JustADragon Creations offers a 3-month warranty which allows for free repairs and fixes on any mistakes made by us, the makers. These mistakes include—but are not limited to—inaccurate sizing, faulty seam work, and inaccurate markings.
    • This warranty will not cover any damages made by you, the commissioner. These mistakes include—but are not limited to—ripped parts, torn or poked-out eyes, and deflation due to pressure or mistreatment. These types of damages will cost a fee unless stated otherwise.
    • The commissioner is only required to pay shipping should any mistakes reported qualify for the warranty.
  • Please be patient should you apply for the warranty, as fixing suits is not our priority.


    • After the 3-month warranty expires or if there are any damages reported and deemed unacceptable for the warranty, repair work will cost a fee.
    • A cost will be calculated based on the type of damage and will include shipping. Reserve around $200-$400 based on the type of damage (this estimate includes shipping)
    • All payment must be covered before the product can be returned, no exceptions!
  • Please be sure that your product is clean before it is shipped, else an extra fee for cleaning will be added. This is primarily for cleanliness reasons.

*Just A Dragon Creations has the right to decline any commissioners under the age of 18 by reason of age, especially if a parent is not involved in the work process.

*Please keep in mind that Just A Dragon Creations’s workspace is animal-friendly and may have pets come in contact with products. Please clarify in quote if you have any allergies, and accommodations will be made to avoid any issues.

*By placing a down payment for a suit from Just A Dragon Creations, you accept to work with us and agree to these terms and conditions.

*Please keep a record of any transactions, conversations, or emails we conduct. Thank you!