Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions regarding any of our work, fursuit or otherwise? Check here before you contact me; the answer may already be here for you!

Can I order parts only? (Paws, feet, tail, body, etc.)

Only on the occasions in which we are open to them and/or at public events such as conventions and art fairs. Otherwise, we are more likely to not accept orders of this kind! Keep an eye on social media announcements for when we offer part-only deals!

What character species can Just A Dragon Creations do?

Do not take our business name for granted; we wish to work with as many different species in both our fursuits as well as our artwork as possible! Do not be afraid to offer us species that do not appear in our gallery, as we wish to expand our skill level and portfolio!

If you are uncertain on if our suit style will match your character, request a character sketch. That will give you a basic idea as to what your species will look like in our style!

Can I order any of the suits pictured in your gallery?

No, you may not. All characters that appear in our gallery are custom commissions requested by a client who owns the design rights. We will not be remaking any of them!

How long will it take for a suit to be finished?

While we can take as quick as 2-3 weeks to build a suit, keep in mind that all the work is done by a single artist with only occasional outside help. Due to how long the interest line and queue list can get and how often our one active worker is drawn away from work due to family occasions and school reasons, a suit can end up taking 5 months or, worst case scenario, a YEAR to complete. While we do accept deadlines and will try to hit them if told ahead of time, they are not strict and can be missed if other life elements get in the way.

How old must I be to order?

While we are okay with making a suit for a minor, we would prefer the client to be over the age of 14 and be accompanied by a consenting parent or guardian. You do not need a parent’s assistance if you are over the age of 18.

Please be aware that we do hold the right to decline service to a minor by reason of age. Should we feel you are not responsible enough to work with, if you do not request parent assistance, or if we feel your age will bring disadvantages to the suit-making process, we will not work with you.

Can I apply for a quote so I know how much to save up?

July 2019 Update: At this time, we will most likely not give you a full official quote if you are just seeking a price, as we will be putting full focus on those who need their accurate pricing for commissioning. Please consult our Price Calculator for a visual estimate category your character falls under, or get into contact via email or social media to get an at-a-glance estimate!

While yes, you can, please keep in mind that calculating quotes and answering emails is a very tedious activity. We put priority on those interested in applying for a slot and/or have payment ready to go, and depending on workload we may not get to quote sheets only interested in finding a price. Please check our Prices and Terms of Service pages to get an accurate saving goal instead!

Can you do International Shipping?

Yes, we can, however all shipping costs and additional costs must be covered by the client. Please be aware that this company is stationed in the United States, so shipping elsewhere can get up and beyond the $100’s.

We also tend to have trouble with getting items out into outer countries, so please bear with us if there are complications and be prepared to communicate actively about the best options of delivery. We would recommend having no set deadline should you be a client from outside the United States, as with all these technical complications in mind, it cannot be guaranteed.

Will I need a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD)?

Yes you will, among other important measurements including head circumference, shoe size, finger/palm length, and wrist/ankle circumference. While we can do measurements only should you prefer not making a DTD, please be aware that the suit may not fit properly the first go and prepare to cover shipping costs on multiple occasions.

Help will be given to those who need it upon acceptance into the queue!

When will commissions be open?

On most occasions– especially within the next few years (2019-2020– opening dates will be up in the air and very rare outside the summer months due to schooling. When we know for certain, dates will be announced here as well as on social media!