Just A Dragon Creations is a freelance art business that has dedicated itself to bringing your fluffiest ideas to life since 2016! Here we specialize in the art of mascot-style fursuits, art and design pursuits, and much, much more; all made with tender love and care with the dedicated hand!

Not a single project leaves our northeastern Ohio studio until the very best results are achieved and all the life that we can muster has been brought into our creations, guaranteed!

Interested In Commissioning?

Please make sure you read up on our Terms of Service, and make sure you check out our FAQ and Gallery to see what we do and learn all you need to know about to work with us!

And of course, do not be afraid to get in contact with us at any time! You can send an email to martingillianllc@gmail.com, or find us on social media for updates and progress reports!

With all that done, check our Quote page to find our quote form to get our fursuit commissioning information and apply to our queue! We cannot wait to hear from you!